2020 Mood Affirmation Cards

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2020 got us like... 

This set of 20 cheeky, sweary (but still wonderfully positive) affirmation cards will help you get through the most “2020” of days. 

Not intended for children or the faint of heart!


Each set contains:

  • 20 positive affirmation cards printed on high quality matte photo paper.
  • 1 hand crafted wooden card stand, perfect for displaying your daily affirmations. (Extra stands available for purchase separately)


  • It’s a fucking magical day
  • I am allowed to slap bitches who tell me “everything happens for a reason”
  • Fuck fuck fuckity fuck
  • You got this, try not to fuck it up
  • I have people who support me, even when I’m being an irrational twat
  • I don’t have to go fast, I just have to fucking go
  • Today I’ll find my pace and go with the fucking flow
  • Inhale... Exhale... Let that shit go
  • Today I’m going to be my authentic fucking self
  • I am strong, determined, and fucking powerful
  • I promise to not be a dick today
  • I’m going to adult like a fucking boss today
  • I promise to hydrate the shit out of my body today
  • My gut knows what’s up, today I’ll trust that bad bitch
  • Get up and do the work right fucking now
  • Dear stress, fuck off, cheers
  • Today I will notice the small shit and have lots of fucking gratitude
  • My body is beautiful, like a big fucking flower
  • I am a badass and I’ve fucking got this
  • I trust my body because it’s fucking awesome


Designed, printed, and crafted in East Gippsland, Victoria.