Birth/Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

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Sometimes all it takes is a quiet moment and a positive affirmation to put yourself in the right frame of mind to move forward with your day.

Preparing yourself for labour can be overwhelming, there is no doubt. Messages you hear from people about their experiences and thoughts are often negative or fear based. Using tools such as our affirmation cards can help to reassure you in your decisions and create a positive experience for you and your new baby. Our affirmation cards can be used to prepare your mind and body for all the possibilities of birth.

Each set contains:

  • 20 positive affirmation cards printed on high quality matte photo paper.
  • 1 hand crafted wooden card stand, perfect for displaying your daily affirmations. (Extra stands available for purchase separately)


  • I trust my body and my baby
  • I am prepared for whichever path my birth takes
  • I am calm
  • I am grateful for my body
  • My baby will be born when they are ready 
  • I focus on what I want rather than what I fear
  • My body is wonderfully made
  • I will deliver my baby
  • My body is designed to give birth
  • The sensations of birth let my baby move down
  • Inhale peace. Exhale tension
  • My contractions are not stronger than me. They are me
  • My body knows what to do
  • I am about to meet my baby 
  • I’m ready for this
  • Breathe baby down
  • Each wave brings me closer to my baby
  • I trust my body and follow its lead
  • My birth will be beautiful 
  • Strong contractions help bring my baby into the world

Designed, printed, and crafted in East Gippsland, Victoria.