Reusable Breastpads Bundle

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3 pairs of Reusable and washable breastpads
Diameter of 11cm
100% cotton outer, hidden PUL waterproof lining, 1 layer of 400gsm and 1 layer of french terry for absorbency topped with super soft suedecloth.
Suedecloth is cooler in hotter climates and is a stay dry material that pulls the moisture straight into the core leaving skin feel dry.
We use bamboo fleece as the inner layers for our nursing pads due to it being a sustainable material, it's antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, is highly absorbent and super soft.
All items are handmade and every effort is made to sew them the same

15x18cm waterproof lined zip pouch for out and about

20x20cm delicates bag